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10 TOP FREESTYLE SONGS OF JANUARY 2021 – LA LLAMA RADIO 1045 HD2 FM A new year brings a new #1 song on the Top Ten Countdown Showdown. We also have some great new songs by talented artists. We welcome Rebekka, E'dee, and Rudy Fausto to the Countdown. =[ TOP TEN FREESTYLE SONGS ]= 10.) Over You by Rebekka 9.) In Exchange for What by Marilyn Torres 8.) I'm Going Crazy by Mark Milan 7.) Sunrise by E'dee 6.) Walking Away by Rudy Fausto 5.) Stop In The Name Of Love by Lisette Melendez 4.) Now That You're Gone by Synthia Figueroa 3.) Possessed By Love by Charlie XO & A'Lisa B 2.) Believe In Love by Berrios vs Zone 1.) Memories of Love by A'Lisa B The Countdown Showdown is aired on Freestyle's Power Station La Llama Radio 104.5 HD2 @ 1PM (EST) the last Thursday of every month. Visit La Llama 104.5 HD2 FM and download the apps on Google Play and Apple Store. -[ IN DA MIXx ]- In Da Mixx represent songs that while not in the Top Ten are still being spun and supported by many iRadio Stations and Deejays. 11.) Had Enough by Elvira Miglino12.) Inside Out Side by Mia13.) Broken by Nelson Rego14.) Heart On The Run by Stephanie Bennett15.) Right There Waiting For You by Angel Lopez (KOF)16.) Dragon by Adelis17.) Lost In Music by Jesse B18.) Out of Time by Luis Guevarez19.) The Party by MDW20.) The Way That You Love Me by The Santana Twins Feat. Adelis21.) Destiny by Jasmine Denis22.) She Wants To Dance by Luis Guevarez23.) One True Love Affair by Willie Valentin24.) This Time by Luis Guevarez25.) Slipping Through My Hands by TKA/K726.) This Is Life by Jesse B27.) Get Away by Julio Mena & Vizion28.) Willie Valentin by Dedicate My Love29.) Forbidden Lover by Raul Soto30.) Intoxicated by Julio Mena

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