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Angela Garcia-"Sounds of Heartbreak"


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[FONT=&quot]Angela Garcia

Sounds Of Heartbreak

[FONT=&quot] Chorus:
I wanna know how much can one girl stand
I wanna know how much can one girl take
If you don't stop breaking us down
We'll here the sounds of heartbreak

You tell me that nothings wrong
But I can see it in your eyes
You just can't face the truth
And I don't wanna see you
I don't wanna see you cry
If you don't feel the way you felt for me before
Why don't you just pack your bags
And walk right out the door

Chorus (2x)

I don't know whats going on
But I've sensed the change in you
You say I don't treat you the same
And I don't know what to
I don't know what to do
But if you really care for me
Then thats a choice you'll make
Just love me or leave me now
Cause my hearts about to
My hearts about to break

Chorus (2x)

You know your the one for me
And I don't want to lose your love (Don't want to lose your love)
From the moment I saw you baby
You've been the one, I'm dreamin of

Chorus (2x)[/FONT]​