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Any Mobiles here?


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A little help for all the Wedding DJs

I created this on another forum and thought it would be useful to the Wedding DJs here! You can add anything I left out and maybe someone out there can gain something from this post!

Arrive early with extra time to spare!

Do not setup with your actual clothes take a polo shirt and change after.

setup up by electrical power if possible so you will not have long extension
cords in front of doors or become a trip hazard.

Try to be by dance floor

organize all the music before hand

organize and make sure you have all the pronunciations of the wedding party.

make sure you follow the time lines given to you by the B/G

Wear proper attire Tux or Suit for weddings.

Make your intros as exciting as possible with out going over board if expected by B/G

Speak clearly and with authority. Let them know you are in charge. Guests will smell fear if any from you while speaking into Mic!

Always be ready to improvise at a moments notice in case of any issues.

Have an extra mic ready for toast.

Teach the person doing toast how to hold and speak into the mic.

Always coordinate with caterer about toast and dinner.

Find out who is head waiter and stay in contact with him at all times.

Do your garter and Bouquet fun and energetic but don't try to be a comedian.

Then play your best sets and make them dance like hell and leave them wanting more.

Mobile DJ work is easy anybody can do it! LOL.........

When you are done, mail me a check please! LOL...... good luck and if you need more advice call me at $15.00 a min. LOL.......