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April - "Let These Feelings go"


Freestyle Nation
Freestyle.FM Dee Jays
It's been awhile since you called out my name
Been spending time alone, and I could feel the pain
You said you loved me but more than a friends
I wasn't ready for it, I thought this should end

And all those times you felt that we're more than friends
I couldn't lie to you I could not pretend

Baby, im going crazy
I'm losing my mind, boy it hurts deep inside
Baby, Oh i've got to let you go
That these feelings that you have
Boy you've got to let these feelings go
Then you called to say just how you feel
Well give me this chance my love time will reveal
I didn't want to change the way we were then
You were true to me, friends till the end

I think about the day when we first met
But i don't wanna make a choice we'll regret(regret)

Repeat Chorus

I didn't want to change the way we were then
You were true to me friends till the end
But you wanted more than what i can give
To be that one true love for as long as we live

Repeat Chorus 2x