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Beyonce Puts Off 2nd Album


Captain Casual
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Freestyle.FM Dee Jays
Beyonce Puts Off 2nd Album To Reunite Destiny's Child
VH1 - Joseph Patel

Fans excited about the prospect of a new Beyoncé solo album this year are going to have to wait.

When the Destiny's Child singer recorded her debut, Dangerously in Love, she just couldn't hold back her creative output and recorded 45 songs. There was so much leftover material, she planned on issuing a quick-hit second album early this year (see "Another Beyonce Solo LP Due Before Destiny's Child Reunite").

However, a spokesperson at Beyoncé's record label said on Wednesday (January 7) that she's putting aside her solo aspirations to concentrate on the next Destiny's Child album.

Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams have set the month of March aside to being recording their fifth studio album. That will give Beyoncé time to sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl and revel in her 2003 accomplishments at next month's Grammy Awards (see "Jay-Z, Beyonce, Outkast, Pharrell Nab Most Grammy Nominations"). Williams, meanwhile, is currently starring in "Aida" on Broadway (see "DC's Michelle Williams Preps For 'Aida,' Plans To 'Keep It Real' On Next Solo LP").


Captain Casual
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Freestyle.FM Dee Jays
And in a related story....[Did I just sound like Ted Fucking Koppel or what???]

<span style='color:white'>NEW YORK (Destiny's Child Fans Website) - Beyonce Knowles says she wants to be known for her talent rather than her "bootylicious" behind. The Destiny's Child star has also vowed never to pose nude.

She recently walked out of a photoshoot with celebrity snapper David LaChapelle after he asked her to pose naked and smothered in honey. And she said countless other photographers have tried to pressure her into baring all.
"Every photographer wants to be the first one who talks Beyonce out of her clothes. It's prestigious for him if I expose a nipple," she told Bang magazine.

"People test you to see how far they can go. They exert pressure on me. Man, if I had a dollar for every time that kind of guy says, 'you'll only get the cover if you take off your pants', I'd be a rich woman."</span>

And I would be one horny man!


Freestyler Xtreme
whoa...talk about a lot of beyonce!!!>....lol

well...in my opinion....i thought destiny's child was already broken up....to me...this is a last ditch effort to kinda finish things off right and perhaps end ona good note...the last album was not supposed to be their last....

beyonce knows shes a star and shes just bein classy by actually gettin back with the group for one last hurrah....

hopefully they wont tour so i can see the new beyonce album come out and see her become a great solo artist...the way it was meant to be!!...


DC is my favorite group.... I cant wait for them to release new material. I can sadly say I have every album from the group and all the solo albums.