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Blizzard Strands Drivers On Chicago's Lake Shore Drive


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When my family was contacting me about this I was buggin' hard. 1,000 plus vehicles just left stranded on Lake Shore Drive? If you've been on it, you know cars are usually flying by like it's the Autobahn...so to see this, is straight craziness. Uhh, yeah the temporary ice skating rink outside my crib is not so bad. I do miss "Da Chi" but not...

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Yeah, that storm was crazy!!! It's early Friday morning and there's a lot of cars on my block that haven't even dug out yet (storm happened on Tuesday). And most of the few that have are still parked for fear of losing the spot. There's snow barricades everywhere, lol. I must've looked crazy yesterday while I was shoveling the snow barricade away from my car as I was just throwing most of it back in the street. I didn't feel bad as it was the street cleaning trucks that had barricaded me in to begin with.

The craziest part of everything is that Chicago saw it coming a mile away but was still defenseless in it's path. We could've gotten around either the snow or the 60mph winds but the two together were simply too much.