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Bruno Mars "Grenade" Parody Music Video Blowing Up On The Web

Urban hipsters and "Jersey Shore" fans know that a "grenade" refers to the ugly girl in a group of hotties. The honorable wingman will make the sacrifice of throwing himself onto the "grenade" in order to help his buddies have a chance at hooking-up. If the ugly girl doesn't get action then nobody does. While Bruno Mar's song is about love sacrifice, the Payman Benz parody is all about bro sacrifice. It's a love song from a scorned "bro" to his bro who always takes the hotter girl when they go out.

Since premiering on the web last week the comedy video, largely funded through Kickstarter.com, has been gaining views quickly on YouTube, FunnyOrDie and Vimeo.

Payman Benz is a comedy writer/director based in Los Angeles, California. His work has been featured at over 40 film festivals and all over the web. Payman has directed comedy for MTV, Comedy Central, ABC, Sony Pictures Television, FunnyOrDie and probably more. Payman likes making comedy. A lot.

"Grenade Parody: The Wingman's Anthem" credits:
Written & Directed by Payman Benz
Produced by Ken Franchi, Jeff Ketcham & Payman Benz
Starring Adam Shapiro & Gareth Reynolds
Director of Photography - Chris Darnell



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Omg, the grenades blew up in the end!