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Charlie Wilson's War


Captain Casual
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The movie starts out with Tom Hank (he's Charlie Wilson), receiving an award for his role in helping the Afgans in their war against the former Soviet Union. We are then teleported back in time where Charlie while sitting in a hot tub with butt naked women learns of the war as we the audience learn that Charlie Wilson was a womanizing, alcoholic. No big surprise there, he is afterall a politican. ;)

We soon discover that night comes back to big Charlie in the ass as he is under investigation by none other than a special prosecutor named Rudy Guliani. This is about the time where we Charlie and Gust Avrakotos (played by Philip Seymour Hoffman) meet.

The exchanges between Gust and Charlie are hysterical and truly made me laugh out loud. In fact the exchanges between Gust and anyone were truly outstanding and in my opinion Philip Seymour Hoffman stole every scene he was in and considering the a-list actors like Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts that's pretty impressive.

Together Charlie and Gust set out to help the Afgans in their war against the Soviet Union and what started out as 5 million dollar budget turned into 500 miilion by wars end. The movie moves along at a pleasant pace with plenty of quote-able lines. Along the way we find out more about these characters and about the Afgan/Soviet war itself and the part we played in it.

Charlie's War not only made me laugh out loud it also stimulated some deep quiet thoughts not only about that war, but of the one we are currently in.

Now that I am blockbuster member I rarely buy dvds anymore. But I;ve already made some space in my bookcase for Charlie's War...

And So Should You.
I started watching this movie but stopped (I'll get into it either tonight or tomorrow night).. Just cause my favorite actress is in it, and because you gave it a good review.