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CPR's Freestyle Parade 2010 Review


If you are a traditional Freestyle fan, this is the compilation for you.
Artistik Freestyle Parade 2010: Were Back Again! is a throwback to your favorite Freestyle beats of the 80’s and 90’s with a modern day twist.

None of the songs on this compilation can be considered a “filler”; They stand on their own merit and are worth a listen. Some are so good you will be playing them over and over again.

It is customary for Michael Anthony Bertot to introduce the series. The intro is always fun and provides an added hype before listening to the compilation. One can’t help but to laugh at the antics being played on the intro. If you listen carefully you can always get the subliminal messages and potshots.

Synthia Figueroa - “Make Up Your Mind” is a typically written Freestyle song; The vocals on the other hand are not. There is a steady build up to this song as Synthia delivers a powerful crescendo in the end that will surely make this one of your favorites. The fact is that Synthia Figueroa can take any typical written song and make it sound like a million bucks. (8 out of 10)

George Anthony - “If Only” is a solid and powerful comeback for Jorge Luis. Listening to his song makes me want a full length George Anthony album. The music is not over done and compliments the lyrics perfectly. The trademark G.A. high note is executed to perfection at the end of the song, which without a doubt makes it one of the top songs on the compilation. (8 out of 10)

Pure Trend “Who Are You?” – Artists take note! This is what happens when you get together with producers who actually know what they are doing when recording vocals. You never notice Brian’s limited vocal ability in this song because of the entire arrangement created with the music, vocals and lyrics. The beat is really tight. The drums are very well done. I must write that this is the best song (so far) from Pure Trend. And yes I find myself chanting “Pure…Trend! Pure…Trend!” thanks to the edits created for the song; Lucky me! (7 out of 10)

Freeze – “Come Back To Me” had been sitting on a shelf for almost two years and its noticeable. The edits truly help this song take off and the repetitive chorus is catchy enough to get you into the song. This is not Freeze’s best material and hope that he can come back with some solid hits that are better written. (7 out of 10)

Jennifer Jimenez “Time To Say Good-bye” – What happens when you take Judy Torres “Come Into My Arms” with a touch of Marisol’s “Why Can’t You Tell Me 2001”? plus a hint of Synthia Figueroa’s style of singing; The hybrid that is Jennifer Jimenez. The song is a hit. The song is well written and Jennifer sounds great. The Production is the issue here because it sounds dated. The good thing is that traditional Freestyle fans love dated sounding material. I hope for the next single Jennifer is given the opportunity to create her own identity instead of having her copy others. She has the talent and the experience, since she was the lead singer of a band and has a better stage presence and vocal ability than most female Freestyle Artists of today. Now all she needs is the right song. And what I mean by that is she needs a song that doesn’t sound like someone else’s. (8 out of 10) (8.5 out of 10 for the Edit Club Mix)

Vocal Image “A Father’s Hope” – It’s unfortunate that Angel Mena couldn’t sing this song by himself. I understand why this song is so personal and tells a great story. The lyrics are heartfelt and you can tell in his delivery the passion behind his life story.
Of course this is a Vocal Image song and it was necessary to have Fred-Nice sing some of the verses. His contributions are not bad but it doesn’t elevate the song in any way. This song was meant to be a solo project. The beat is hardcore Freestyle with a hot break. The topic has made this song a favorite amongst the Club House Dance Music audience and its popularity keeps growing every week. (8.0 out of 10)

Poze “Another Heartbreak” is the best song on this compilation. There are so many layers of goodness in this song its ridiculous. Great verses complimented by well done edits that is only followed by an even better second verse. The break is simply awesome. The back-round vocals, harmonies and trademark Poze high notes make this the perfect Freestyle song. Heartbreak never sounded so good. (9.0 out of 10)

Nathan “Here I Am” The production on this song is progressive Freestyle at its best and you can thank Nathan for that. I love the double overlapping beat used as the canvas to tell the story. The lyrics are love based but not cheesy in any way. The edits are simple but what is exactly needed for the song. The vocals are passionate and I find myself listening to the song over and over again. (8.5 out of 10)

Stephanie Marie “Don’t Take Your Love Away” is as sweet as it is simple. The issue here is that Stephanie stays monotone throughout the entire song. The break and edits make the song seem much better than it really is. If you like slow mid tempo Freestyle then this is the song for you. For Stephanie Marie all I can write is to get back to the “I Want You, I Need You” fast passed songs. Take it from your former Manager. (7 out of 10)

Phillip Anthony has had one song to hang his hat on for almost 15 years. The remake of “All out of Love” has been his only “hit”. Yes, he’s released other material but nothing like his latest gem, “My Beautiful Lady”. The writing, vocals and tempo is pure perfection. I have to acknowledge Michael Anthony Bertot for everything he has done for this song. He took everything that is Phillip Anthony into consideration and put together a song that can be put on rotation on any commercial radio station. The fact is that Bertot has been ahead of his time (All in featuring Reveal – U R Mine 2 Nite –Freestyle Parade 2k1) for over a decade. This collaboration with Phillip Anthony proves that his style is far superior to any other writer. As an added bonus, Bertot also provides background vocals for the song as well. The beat and production to this song is just what it needed to complete this almost perfect project. PS: Thank you for tastefully using edits and auto tunes and not over doing it where it could have gotten out of hand. (9 out of 10)

Quadlibet – “You Don’t Know the Pain” has the same issue that Jennifer Jimenez’s song has and that is the production sounds like something else. The something else is Issac’s “In My Heart”; Must be the drums!!! Thanks to Roger Alexander this fact is irrelevant. What a great, soulful voice. The harmonies are tight and the writing is mature. And what about those edits!? Again! Tastefully done and complimentary. (8 out of 10)

Jessica Fabus “I Believe” is a throwback to the mid 90’s. It’s sweet, whiney and monotone with solid production and a killer break. And just like in the 90’s it has a surprise appearance from Willie Valentin. J-Fab has come into her own and has successfully created an identity for herself by having released three songs completely different from each other. Of course much credit has to be given to the producers, Berrios and then Valentin. This is how you build an Artist. (7 out of 10)

Elissa “I Feel Like An Angel” is a song from the Queen of Canadian Freestyle that was released in 2007 as part of her album “I’m With The DJ”. This version was given a touch of post production with additional edits during the break. Unfortunately this is the worst song on the compilation because of the badly recorded vocals on the chorus, especially when she’s “….reach(ing for) the sky”. This makes the song really annoying to the ears. Much props to Elissa for being the marketing whore that she is. (6.5 out of 10)

Willie Valentin “Look At Me Now” is produced by Nathan. The influence from Valentin is there and it works. The chorus is very catchy. Willie sounds seductive in all of his verses. The surprise additional vocals from Sammy Zone in the end is not necessary but doesn’t hurt the song in any way. The song is mid tempo and will be a sure favorite with the ladies. (8 out of 10)
Freddy The Edit Rivera “NYC Blazin’ Cutz Battle Mix”; Is there a reason why they couldn’t of used some of these beats on some of the songs on the compilation? That James Brown sample is sick. The edits make you bop your head and this is definitely a great party break. (9 out of 10)

There is no reason not to purchase Artistik’s Freestyle Parade 2010. It’s a solid release that is better than most compilations (past and present). I hope that Willie Valentin takes more chances in his production and taps into the main stream side of dance music. And since he can incorporate Freestyle in to any form of music, I’m sure it will be great. This compilation is for the traditional Freestyle fan and they have little to complain about now. You can actually purchase this compilation; So go ahead and do it!

Overall grade (7.9 out of 10)
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To get an original cd contact Willie Valentin directly.

You can also download them from these sites.
Note: If you choose to purchase a cd from a vendor it will sent to you in CD-R form.
(Willie Valentin is the only one with the originals!)

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Thanks for the compliment Porkster.
I hope all of you are picking up your copy.


Staff member
Freestyle.FM Dee Jays
Great review Jose. I agree with most of what you said. It's a great cd that any fan of freestyle should buy.


Thanks Chuck.

I am happy that you agree with most of what I wrote especially on the use of "Auto Tunes" in Phillip Anthony's "My Beautiful Lady".

Support the cd folks. Not too many like this around.


New Member
The Elissa track is a remake and was originally done by "Giorgio".

The Willie Valentin track smartly samples the drum loops and beat of Lady Gaga's "No way".

A very well done compilation nonetheless. I find myself listening often as just about all the tracks are catchy and stand out on their own merit.

"A father's hope" might live on past the life of the cd because it's a subject never dealt with before.

I like the direction taken with the Synthia Figueroa,George Anthony and Stephanie Marie tracks. They all seem to have a more is less approach musically. Sounds like slow down dub step from the UK.This might be the new sound freestyle is looking for except the bpm's should be around 140.

I have heard some remixes tha Willie does of the big hits out there and I wonder why he doesn't incorporate those ideas with his freestyle material.

Make no mistake,this is still probably one of the best sounding freestyle compilatons in a while and in my book the best out of the Freestyle Parade series.
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New Member
Thanks Chuck.

I am happy that you agree with most of what I wrote especially on the use of "Auto Tunes" in Phillip Anthony's "My Beautiful Lady".

Support the cd folks. Not too many like this around.

Good review CPR, luckily I don't have to "translate" for you on this one... LOL
As for the auto-tune, I agree it was tastefully done. I was sceptical at first until I heard it. As I let you hear, it wasn't too different from the original vocals but it added that commercial feel that makes the song transcend beyond typical Freestyle. Thanks goes out to Willie Valentin and Michael Anthony for putting together this amazing song for me.