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Danger Mouse

Anyone heard this? The concept is simple: the vocals from Jay Z's Black Album slapped on top of the music from the Beatles' White Album (Mix Black and White to get Grey, dontcha know). And it works! Some tracks (Moment of Clarity) are great; others are ruined by Jay Z's off-key rapping.

It's a bootleg, certainly worth getting as a curiosity, and you'll find a few songs you like.
I heard about this, I want it!

Along with that Z-trip shit CPR posted.




I have both the Grey Album and the Brown Album!

These were not meant to be released or sold...but they are doing it!


Danger Mouse & Jay-Z
"The Grey Album"
Public Service Announcement
What More Can I Say
December 4th
99 Problems
Dirt Off Your Shoulder
Moment of Clarity
Change Clothes
Justify My Thug
Lucifer 9
My First Song


I went over mah momma's last night and went kazaa crazy

I got the track encore - can I just tell you I'm almost a Jay-z fan because of Danger mouse

I heart him.....oh lawd...me want more....
soooo hmmmm if someone walked into say like umm the Flava Shop would they maybe have a few copies hidden somewhere under the floorboards? lol


New Member
Ahh good shit. I suggest you download the Jay Z- Construction Set if you can find it. It has the Black Album 9th Wonder remixes, the acapellas, and the retail which u really should buy lol. It also has the Brown Album, the Grey Album, Kno vs Hov - The White Album, MC ScottDs Black Album(Hot Buttered Soul Remixes), DJ Lt Dan presents Jay Z the Black Remixes (Back to Basics) it also has some samples and clipart. Whew go get it