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Digital Orishas Releases Iron Sheik, Kai Mwaafrika Albums, Teams Up With Kemet Music

Independent record label Digital Orishas is thrilled to release the albums of Iron Sheik and Kai Mwaafrika. Iron Sheik, a Toronto-based hip-hop artist, launches his album Iron Sheik 3. Kai Mwaafrika, a neo-soul singer from Indianapolis, launches her compilation The Singles EP. Both albums will be available on major digital retailers such as iTunes and Zunes. They can also be purchased now at their respective online stores:
Buy Iron Sheik's New CD
Buy Kai Mwaafrika's New CD
Digital Orishas thanks music producers Al Catraz, Beatroom, Brother Haneef El aka Edi Rock, Chemical Ali, Ejaaz, Midknite, and Nikos for all their hard work in contributing progressive urban beats for the new albums by Iron Sheik and Kai Mwaafrika.

Digital Orishas, an online independent label launched in the autumn of 2009, promotes world-class afro-centric music that is cultural, urban or traditional.

In conjunction with Digital Orishas, Kemet Music Radio is pleased to launch the urban segment of its genre-based music competition through Sonicbids. To enter the contest, simply go to http://www.sonicbids.com/KemetMusicRadioUrbanContest to enter your song. There is a $5 entry fee to submit a song and you may submit an additional song into the contest for free. If you don't have a Sonicbids account, you are still eligible to enter since you will be given a free account for a two-week trial period.

The winner will receive:

* a personalized interview by one of Kemet Music Radio’s writers that will be posted on the Web site and featured on the flash panel on the home page. Any links to the artist Web site or contact information will also be included.
* an email blast by a trusted online DJ pool that will go to over 50, 000 DJs.
* a cash honorarium of $500 for the winner
* a cash honorarium of $250 for the 1st runner up
* a cash honorarium of $150 for the 2nd runner up

The winner will also be announced in a press release by one of the most trusted names in online press releases that will also include the website interview. The press release will reach more than 250,000 PRWeb news subscribers and 30,000+ journalists and bloggers. The winning hip-hop track will be attached to the press release as a free download.

The competition starts Jan. 31, 2010, and entries will be accepted up until Mar. 05, 2011, with the winner being announced by Mar. 25, 2011 and on our website and Twitter account (http://www.twitter.com/pianki). A press release that includes the details of the Urban Song Contest will follow the announcing of the winner.