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Dj bryski...


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I guess a couple of weeks ago I made a comment about my bud Bryski and it was wrong on my part. Let me explain...

I think I said something along the lines he get nervous mixing when people watch. He told me that..and I though he was serious, BUT he was just kidding with me. Well knowing the serious dude I am, I always took that about him to be serious...so I thought it was real. Turns out it wasn't..and I want to correct myself about my friend and to those who read what I wrote read this message to correct that statement..

I guess I need to stop acting being serious and relax more...

Yo..pass the blunt, that might help...lol

Peace out y'all...

Luv ya' Bryski..u know that bro' :)


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Bryski is still ..capt. caveman!!!!


Bryski gets nervous when people watch? I didnt know this.

I really enjoy his mixes and thats saying alot cause i hate mixes.