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DOA: Dead or Alive (The Movie)


Remember Mortal Kombat II? How about Street Fighter (The Movie)?
Hey! What about Double Dragon!?

Well. DOA: Dead or Alive, the movie based on the popular video game makes all those movies mentioned above look like The Lord of The Rings Trilogy.

Im not saying this movie is horrible. Im writting ITS worse!
There is NO redeeming quality to this movie except for all the hot chicks that have been casted for the roles.

Jaime Pressly .... Tina Armstrong
Holly Valance .... Christie Allen
Sarah Carter .... Helena Douglas
Natassia Malthe .... Ayane
Devon Aoki .... Kasumi
Eric Roberts .... Donovan
Matthew Marsden .... Maximillian Marsh
Brian J. White .... Zack
Collin Chou .... Hayate
Kane Kosugi .... Ryu Hayabusa
rest of cast listed alphabetically:

Derek Boyer .... Bayman
Steve Howey .... Weatherby
Chad McCord .... Chief Detective
Kevin Nash .... Bass
Robin Shou .... Pirate Leader
Silvio Simac .... Leon

The funnnies character has to be Kevin Nash's character Bass who as some of you know looks alot like Hulk Hogan. Well Kevin Nash looks like Hulk Hogan in the movie as he did before in WCW when he ragged on Hogan doing a skit.

Basically. The movie is horrible. Don't watch it. Well. Watch it for the chicks!
Thats all. That and to laugh at all of the horrible acting and fights.

This one should go straight to video! No wonder it has been delayed and pushed back for so long.