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Fairtrade-music.com: The Social Network Against The Grain Of The Music Industry

On January 3th 2011, Fairtrade-music.com, the social network that turns its back on the music industry will be launched on the Internet. The website's services will allow artists whom do not want to sign with record labels to share their playlists and to receive donations directly from Internet users. They will also be able to advertise their concerts throughout the world via a geolocation system that connects artists and internet users.

Fairtrade-music.com is a website where unsigned artists and Internet users are connected directly via a real time publication system. Innovative technologies will be available to unsigned artists who would like to develop themselves without record labels. Fairtrade-music.com is set to be launched on January 3, 2011 and a festival of fair music is expected this summer.

Fairtrade-music.com: All the know-how of Reshape-music

Fairtrade-music.com supports its services on the technological skills and know-how of the label Reshape-music, the first fair music label in Europe combining technologies and Art Direction. All the services proposed are made for the development of smaller artists. The two founders of fairtrade-music.com have complementary profiles: Jeff CALY was immersed in the music industry from an early age. Founder 5 years ago of the label Reshape-music, he is a music enthusiast who likes discovering new talents. Julien Mille meanwhile is a developer. He masters the web's languages he discovered during his studies in Computer Engineering. Together, they form the bedrock of Fairtrade-music.com, a social network of a new generation that will forever change the balance of power between small marginalized artists and music industry. "We are proud to offer a site for artists, where they have the possibility to receive donations, directly from the Internet." said Jeff Caly. "It is time for artists to turn aside from the music industry." Said Julien MILLE.

Fairtrade-music.com: online exclusive and innovative services

Fairtrade-music.com allows to discover unsigned artists, but also to be notified when a concert is held in a venue near the user and if any of his friends are going. Artists, meanwhile, will be able to create or expand their community and move from virtual meeting to real, during concerts. In addition to its online services, the site fairtrade-music.com advocates a new vision for the music market's future, much more in tune with our times. "We have the ambition to create a fair trade channel in the music as it exists for coffee or cotton."

The press is invited to a press conference on January 20th, the day before the MIDEM, for a presentation of the website and of the first artists joining this new philosophy.