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Intro – Busy Boy
Alone Again – Ania
I Can’t Go On – Xavier
I Feel It In My Heart – Pain
Don’t Ever Go Away – Jeanette
When Will You Come Back to Me – Pure Pleazure
Always – Maribel
It Could of Been Love – Pain
Once Is Enough – Jasmin
Love – Lil Johanne
On My Own – Jessica Bonus
On My Own – Jessica
I Gave My Heart – VLA
The Question – Noel
Who is she – Shonn Bonnett
In Paradise – Laissez Faire
obviously – Jessica
Forget Me Not – Chase
We Can Work It Out – Arlene
My Love – JJStyle
What Is Love – George Lamond
Don’t Let Me Go – Wickett
One More Chance For Love – LAW
Destiny – Rocco
You Will Never Know – Jesse
All I want – Lamour
A Broken Promise – Dario
Not being together – Ceaser
Who You Lovin Tonight – 21 East


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Freestyle.FM Dee Jays
I'm kinda curious if this guy is from Chicago as I remember a mixtape from a long time ago (1995/1996) titled Freestyle Attack by a DJ Busy Boy. I think that one was Volume 5 if I'm not mistaken. This was like probably around a year before I came out and I was in my high school phase of evaluating all the different mix tapes. That was one of my favorite ones from that era.