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Freestyle Tuesday on Freestyle.FM!


Freestyle.FM Dee Jays
Freestyle.FM Dee Jays
After a few weeks of and a lot of crap going on with my job, life, back etc. Tonight's the night! It will be an interesting show. In case any of you don't know i have a bad back with 2 herniated discs and a fractured t11 vertebra from a motorcycle accident i had. Anyway, every now and then my back spazzes out and i usually am out of work for a week or so to nurture it back to health (Note - take lots of pain killers and enjoy them :)

Tonight will be interesting as i will be on pain killers and giving you all a hopefully great show!

Hope to see you all there tonight in the Chat room! 8pm - 10pm Est!


Chuckie V!
yo i'm going to do my best i'll get from work around 6:30ish west coast time.......


Staff member
Freestyle.FM Dee Jays
You better make it quick, he's kickin some major ass.