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Get A Free Defiant!


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From Star Trek Online...

Star Trek Online is happy to team up with WizKids in celebration of our new Valiant Class and Defiant remodel with our first weekly giveaway. By simply retweeting our latest tweet, you’ll be automatically entered into our contest for a chance to win anAttack Wing Defiant! Retweet from now until Noon (PDT) on November 10th for your chance to win!

You can find out tweet here.

The Defiant is a state of the art Federation escort ship equipped with major weapon and tech upgrades including quantum torpedoes, ablative armor and a Romulan cloaking device.

The ship’s captain, Benjamin Sisko, commanded the vessel in defense of Deep Space 9 and later during the massive battles that took place against the Dominion forces during the Dominion War.

The Defiant is an expansion of WizKids' Attack Wing game. For more details on how you can get started into Star Trek: Attack Wing, check out our link here.