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Grindhouse: Planet Terror

The good news is, Robert Rodriguez (El Mariachi, Desperado) hasn't gone soft after the Spy Kids trilogy and Adventures of Shark Boy or whatever the hell it was called; Planet Terror is filled with sex, violence, obscenity, and oceans of blood. The bad news is, the movie's no good. First of all, it's disgusting (and I'm a veteran fan of 80's horror movies)... Some kind of zombies spread a mysterious disease that makes people's faces, tongues, and genitalia bubble with pus and boils. You really don't need to see some of this shit. Second, the story is a mess. It's never quite clear whether the zombies are sick people or undead. You've all seen Rose McGowan's machine gun leg, but Rodriguez didn't bother with details of say, how it stays on, or how exactly she gets it to fire without pulling a trigger. BTW Rose McGowan is REALLY hot... she looks like fuckin' Jessica Rabbit :hititbana But it's not quite enough to redeem this ugly waste of 90 minutes. Many people walked out, which is too bad; they missed the second film of the double feature, which will be my next review :buttrock:


Freestyler Xtreme
Javi didn't like it because the women were empowered in the second part of the film! lol!

I liked the movie alot...would rent it when it's released.