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I have a terrible sinus infection, my head feels like it wants to explode! Does anyone know how to get rid of this pressure? I've been taking sudafed and tylenol only cause I'm pregnant, I've been rubbing vicks all over my forehead. I'm so miserable!!!


Freestyle.FM Dee Jays
Whoa! Sorry for your pain. I have no idea what to suggest either. I think they charge for the info, but these days they have internet sites with all kinds of medical advice and or remedies.

My mom's old remedy would be to just drink some Sprite and it will go away. But those old remedies die with time. Plus... they have Siera Mist now. :D
Ok, now.... On a serious tip, I have no idea what else to tell you or suggest. See a doctor maybe? Esp. since your pregnant.

Good luck!
DJ Dee X-M:(n
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Freestyle.FM Dee Jays
Freestyle.FM Dee Jays
I like claritin (the little pills), those help me out. Also what I do is let some hot water run and try to breathe the steam. I think blowing your nose too much will also worsen it. At least I think it does for me. Remember LOTS of water and clear liquids. Also vitamin C. Orange juice is actually too thick when your sick. Clear juices are better, try cranberry.
Thanks guys, I feel much better. I'm still really congested, but no more pressure. The antibiotic started kicking in within a day so I'm getting better.