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Ok tech PC gurus, nerds, computer junkies, whatever the heck there calling you these days. I need your help. YES YOU!! :p

Ok, so recently my SEARCH option for my music folders stopped working. I mean I don't know where it went. Someone told me or I read somewhere that it was disabled during a virus attack or something - something, but quite frankly, I just want it back.

Does anyone know where in the world is Waldo, I mean my SEARCH option?

When I click on the SEARCH tab at the very top of my folder, I see the little side window with the little dog pop up, but no insert field for the search. What gives yo!? :mad: Help!

I am on XP and operate on a Dell PC Dimension 4700 series.

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Not sure cause I don't have xp on this computer and so i'm not sure how much I can help, but I don't even use that for search. I right click start then click search and run searches that way, at least on xp that is. Now vista's search engine sucks so I use a program called "search everything" which I absolutely love. It usually prescans your files so that as soon as you start typing it comes up, no matter what drive its on. You can get that here and give it a shot, it works for xp too. http://www.voidtools.com/