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How to install the modpack on Mac

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How to install the modpack on Mac (given example is on WoT modpack, but there no difference to WoWs modpack)

Download the wine bottler app from this link and install the dmg file


step 1

download you mod as per normal and people can find it is in their downloads folder in finder then they need to right click it as in pic "asliains modpack install 1.png"

step 2

They then need to select the open with and then select wine(ver...) see "aslains modpack install 2.png

step 3

they need to click the run directly in and use the drop down menu in the wine window select " users/......../Wine Files " and then click GO. see "Aslains modpack 3.png"

Step 4

When they open your installer they do need to select the folder that world of warships is in because windows default location is not the same as mac os. Which is usually in finder/documents.

thats it it will run your mod pack as you have designed it to and it will install the mod perfectly

(guide by moyzie)

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