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Huey Dunbar



Here is the List Of New Ablum With a Spanish Reggae Version Of Spring Love

1. Sin Poderte Hablar
2. Jamas - (Salsa version)
3. Bacardi Party - (featuring Magic Juan)
4. Las Noches
5. Llegaste Tu
6. Spring Love - (Spanish version)
7. A Donde Ire
8. Besame
9. Spring Love - (English version)
10. Jamas - (acoustic version)
11. Fuerte
12. Chasing Papi - (featuring Fat Joe)
yea hear it again that shit is fuckin hot!!!!! I just bought the cd (ok go ahead and laugh now! white girl buyin the Huey Dunbar cd... go ahead hahaha)
But I havnt taken it out of the cd player in my car yet!!!
His voice is soooooo pretty! lol He kinda reminds me of Tony Sunshine...
But the Spring Love is fuckin hot!!!


Freestyler Xtreme
That's what I love about Huey. His voice. Man, I swear. He gives me chills when I hear his voice. Imagine him doing a duet w/ Marc Anthony. OMG! I'd faint. LOL And you know what else? Something about him is just so damn sexy.
I like Huey Dunbar's music solo or when he was wih DLG.If Truth be told his voice isn't all that live.I still think his Spring Love remake is hott.I read that he was going to sing freestyle before the major labesl pulled away in 92.


Captain Casual
Staff member
Freestyle.FM Dee Jays
DLG, now that goups was hot. I like Huey, he has a voice and a half. His first album wasn't all that though.

I can only remember playing two tracks. But that won't stop me from picking up his latest album. The man can sing.