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I cant believe i found this place!!


New Member
Wow--it is almost ten years since i was a regular part of the crew at freestyle.fm---as far as i can remember the site underwent at least two major transformations and then it went off the air. I have so many happy memories of listening to the internet radio station, going on the list and clicking on favorite songs on the list and waiting for them to be played. This was also how i discovered many new songs that i didn't know. I remember that at one point freestyle.fm started to snowball and become important and some freestyle artists and dj's allowed their new tracks to be aired on freestyle.fm first and would chat with the fans. I also have so many memories of the live shows--sunday night as well as some weekdays and of course saturday night. Chatting with so many people while listening to the mixes and doing homework for grad school at the same time! Sometimes I was up till like 2 am on a saturday night on freestyle.fm and believe me past 11:30 is when the chatbox really started to pop--at times being funny, other times weird, and yet others just plain goofy!!

I felt nostalgic today and just for kicks i decided to google freestyle.fm i got a hit but it was for a netherlands dance radio station, not the freestyle.fm that i remembered. I almost gave up, when suddenly i saw this link come up and i was like--could it be?? And here I am--even my old avatar was retained! wow!

Freestyle.fm will always have a special place in my heart. If you used to chat with me say hello, i'd like to hear from you. I dont know how active this site is but it was nice to at least be able to post this. It's not the same without the music playing in the background, but i've lived long enough to be grateful for any blessing that comes my way. Thanks to the unknown admin for making this website.