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In Bruges


In a beautiful, tragic-looking setting, this Focus Feature film, starring Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson, leaks Irish-accent sarcasm, has a mean (quite-funny) dark humor, and has some real lethal shit going on that will make you uncomfortable. It starts off slow-paced, only because Ken (Collin) does not want to be in Bruges but was told to wait for further instructions on their next Kill. He is bored out of his MIND-till he meets a girl. Usually, a hitman movie is just that…a hitman movie…but then a child is involved and this movie creates their own rules between right and wrong, it wraps around morality (their definition of it)…and the ending is so fast-paced and unexpected that I actually ended up being pissed..and laughing, at the same time. I do think that this is a movie worth watching. It’s a limited release that took part of the Sundance Festival this year..which I think is a plus. Check it out. It’s a work of art.


I never listen to what reviewers say about movies.
But when Roeper made this movie his favorite of the year so far, I had to watch it.

Though it wouldn't be my number one pick for 2008 so far I must write that it could be in my top 10.

I went through a variety of emotions during this movie.
Lots of "holy shit" moments combined with some "Laugh out Loud" situations.

The writing is quick and witty and the drama is poured on heavy.

If you have a chance to watch this movie about these Hit Men, please do so. Its a treat.

Just remember. This is not your typical Hollywood movie.

Great acting by Colin Farrel, Joseph Finnes and Brendan Gleeson.

This is a must watch.


Chick factor = 4.
I know a shitload of chicks who would love to watch this. :yes:
This is why I do not use that system...it's misleading.
definitely watch this.
It might not be your TOP favorite like Jose said, but it'll be part of your top 10...without a doubt.
Not many knew this movie even existed!
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WCM Ol'School Freestyler
I thought the movie was ok....
some funny parts
some action

it wassnt bad.. but wasnt great.. but ok movie.. i say rent it if you seen the movies that are already out... but still want something interesting to watch