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Joss Stone


Freestyler Xtreme

i was watching tv wen i came across a singer names joss stone...shes from england...and she has a powerful voice...if you are into soul you will def like her....in her debut cd...she does not have original material...but does excellent cover songs....here i have a review that was written about her....i plan on getting her cd and giving it a listen myself....she is working on an album with original music as we speak....here is the review...

Not every 16-year-old white, English girl can hang with the likes of Betty Wright ("Clean Up Woman") and Angie Stone. Joss Stone (no relation), however, is blessed with a strong voice and a will to sing old-school soul. This debut CD is worthy of more than novelty status, though. Wisely avoiding iconic songs by the genre’s biggest names, Stone and a production team that includes Wright opt for lesser-known tunes more often by the likes of Laura Lee, Joe Simon, and the Soul Brothers Six--not to mention their digging out (with guest co-producer ?uestlove from the Roots) the great soul lyric in the White Stripes’ "Fell in Love with a (Boy)." Joss Stone occasionally misses a connection; her "Some Kind of Wonderful" is listless, and when she develops a bit more subtlety, it’ll be welcome. But The Soul Sessions has a spark beyond the album’s obvious good taste. --Rickey Wright
I just checked some out... not my cup of tea, but it is quality stuff... definitely Grammy bait. "Fell in Love with a Boy" is the biggest surprise: the White Stripes done Macy Gray style... and it works!
I've heard about her... but she really needs to prove herself with some original songs it sounds like... If you wanna hear some original soul go to www.goapele.com
your welcome! She's not very well known but her talent is unbelievable...
I actually just got my hands on the Joss Stone cd... I know Im reallyyyyy late but I was very impressed!!!! She has such a powerful soulful voice! Its one of those cds that good to just chill out and listen to... I like it alot!
Well damn at least download it lol Im telling you its good!
Well Ive never heard the White Stripes song so ummm I have no clue lol

You must hear it. It is totally different from Joss's stone.

Its faster..it boppier..its obviously more rock.

I fell in love with a GIRL..I fell in love once and almost completelyyyy. Shes in love with the world..but sometimes these feelings can be so misleading.