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Kanye West

This CD is hott I highly recomend it, as i have said so many times it isnt the usualwatered down Hip-Hop we are use to listen to he has brought a change with this album and did some great collablos feat artis like Talib Kweli, Common, J. Ivy Syleena Johnson,Jay Z. check it out you wont regret it.
I love the cd too!!!! Its soooo funny too... Its unique in a silly way! I love the workout song with the chicks in the middle ahahahahaha that shit had me hysterical!!!
lmaoooooooooo yea when she says and I rode a plane rode a plane lol
I liked the part where the chick said and and I dont gotta fuck with ray rays broke ass no more ahahahahahaha
llmfaoooooooo wat bout when the first chck is like im da bootleg queen u can have it for free99 lol:D
Move your ass, go wizzerk
Eat your salad, no dessert


Freestyler Xtreme
I can't put the CD down and I don't usually listen to rap music.

My favorite song on the CD is "Jesus Walk"
I play it over and over and over in my car


I love his video for 'Through The Wire' I think the end is so cute when he pays tribute to his mom, Chaka Khan. This guy had a rough life... I'm glad he's makin' it. The kids got mad talent ,yo! lol


Freestyler Xtreme
Wait... his mom is Chaka Khan?!!! Melissa, number 20 on that CD is phat too. I forget the name, it says something like "Not all that glitters is gold" or something like that. Its about time somebody make a quality rap album. I got it for $10.99 at Best Buy and it has 21 songs.