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Little Louie Vega


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Luis Fernando Vager (born 1965), better known as "Little" Louie Vega, is one half of the Masters At Work musical production team. He was born to a musician family, as his father, Luis Vager, was a jazz saxophonist, and his uncle was singer Hector Lavoe of the Fania All Stars, so it was without surprise that he started his DJ career spinning records at the age of 13.

By 1985, he was playing house and block parties in his local Bronx neighborhood of New York, as well as engineering and mixing (Erasure's The Two Ring Circus features his earliest dabblings in the studio. His first nightclub residency was at the Devil’s Nest, in the Bronx, and later he moved to Roseland, Studio 54 and the Palladium in Manhattan. During the 1990s, Vega was playing at one of the most influential nightclubs for house music, The Sound Factory Bar. By the mid-90s, the Masters At Work team had Vega spending less time behind the turntables and more time in the studio as the team's remixing skills became legendary.

"A little more"

A New York, USA-based DJ, Vega's career began at high school at the age of 18, after watching his friends spin records. He played high school parties before eventually establishing his own label. He went on to DJ at the Devil's Nest (regarded as the birthplace of the New York 'freestyle' approach, alongside TKA and Sa-Fire), then Hearthrob and 1018. By the time he had reached the 4,000 capacity Studio 54 Todd Terry passed Vega his new mixes to try out on the crowd. His first remix job was 'Running' by Information Society, then Noel's 'Silent Morning'.

He even worked Debbie Gibson 's first record. He began his own-name productions with the instrumental 'Don't Tell Me' for SBK Records in 1989 and 'Keep On Pumpin' It Up' (as Freestyle Orchestra), before signing to CBS Records' subsidiary WTG Records with Latin singer Marc Anthony. He had previously been commissioned to write songs for the movie East Side Story, where he first met the singer. Together they hooked up for a Latin R&B flavoured album and single, 'Ride On The Rhythm', a huge club hit.

He also worked with India, his girlfriend, and Todd Terry for the latter's 'Todd's Message'. Together with Barbara Tucker, Vega instigated the Underground Network Club in New York (he has also produced 'Beautiful People' for Tucker). Despite this background as an established house star, he is probably best known now for his work alongside Kenny 'Dope' Gonzalez as half of the Masters At Work remix team. He is not to be confused with Chicago house veteran Lil' Louis, or, for that matter, with the Louie Vega who remixed for Lakim Shabazz, despite the fact that both shared the same management. Vega's most recent remix clients include Juliet Roberts and Urban Species.

Louis Vega, often known as "Little" Louie Vega, is an NYC-based music producer and recording artist, best known for his house music productions, often with partner Kenny "Dope" Gonzalez as Masters At Work.

After previously being married to and working with latin singer India, he is currently married to singer Ana Martins (who he has worked with under her name Anané). Ana's mother is famous brazilian singer/songwriter Joyce who is married to percussionist Tutty Moreno, and her sister Clara Moreno is also a singer.

URLs: http://www.myspace.com/djlouievega

See Masters At Work for the rest of his discography


[edit] Louie Vega/"Little" Louie Vega
1998 "Te Quiero"
1990 "House Of Vega"
1991 "Ride On The Rhythm", with Marc Anthony
1996 "Hip Hop Jazz EP", with Jeffrey Collins
2000 "Elements of Life", with Blaze
2000 "Life Goes On", with Arnold Jarvis
2002 "Diamond Life", with Jay 'Sinister' Sealee and Julie McKnight
2002 "Brand New Day", with Blaze
2003 "Cerca De Mi", with Raul Midon and Albert Menendez
2003 "Africa/Brasil"
2004 "Thousand Fingered Man"
2004 "Mozalounge", with Anané, Raul Midon and Albert Menendez
2004 "Journey's Prelude", with Ursula Rucker
2004 "Love is on the Way", with Blaze
2004 "Steel Congo", with House of Rhumba
2005 "V Gets Jazzy", with Mr. V
2006 "Joshua's Arm", with Blaze
2007 "Here To Stay", with Soni

Sole Fusion
1992 "We Can Make It"
1994 "Bass Tone"
1995 "The Chosen Path", with Kenny Dope
1997 "We Can Make It '97"

Freestyle Orchestra
1989 "Don't Tell Me", with Todd Terry
1990 "Keep on Pumpin' it up", with Todd Terry
1998 "I Don't Understand This", with Kenny Dope
1998 "Odyssey/I'm Ready", with Kenny Dope

Hardrive/Hardrive 2000
1992 "Sindae", with Kenny Dope
1993 "Deep Inside EP"
1993 "Hardrive EP", with Kenny Dope
1999 "2000 EP"
1999 "Never Forget", with Lynae

Other aliases
1989 "There's a Bat in my House", as Caped Crusaders, with Todd Terry
1990 "Afrika", as History, with Q-Tee
1994 "Love & Happiness", as River Ocean, with India
1994 "The Tribal EP", as River Ocean, with India
1994 "Curious", as Sun Sun Sun, with Lem Springsteen
1995 "Reach", as Lil Mo Yin Yang, with Erick Morillo
1995 "Freaky", as Lou², with Lil Louis
1996 "The Missile", as The Chameleon
1996 "Shout-n-Out", as Lood, with Mood II Swing

Production for other artists
1987 The Cover Girls - "Because of You", with Robert Clivilles
1988 Noel - "Like a Child", with Roman Ricardo
1990 Kimiesha Holmes - "Love me True"
1990 2 in a Room - "Take me Away", with Aldo Marin
1991 Nice and Smooth - "Paranoia"
1991 Naughty by Nature - "1, 2, 3"
1994 Barbara Tucker - "I Get Lifted"
1995 Masta Ace Inc. - "The I.N.C. Ride"
1995 Barbara Tucker - "Stay Together"
1995 2 Mental - "Mental Illness"
1998 Donnell Rush - "Perfect Day for Company", with Lem Springsteen
2001 Gloria Estefan - "Y-Tu-Conga"
2003 Anané - "Nos Vida/Mon Amour"
2003 Ursula Rucker - "Release"
2004 Kenny Bobien - "Spread Love"
2005 Anané - "Amazing Love"
2005 Anané - "Let Me Love You", with Mr. V
2005 Anané - "Move, Bounce, Shake", with Mr. V
2007 Mr. V - "Put Your Drink Down"

Elements of Life - 2004
Elements of Life Extensions - 2005



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