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Magix Audio Studio 7


New Member
I use "Magix" Audio Studio 7 to make some pretty cool Intros for mixes.. Ive made full mixes and remixes of alot of tracks.. I'll see if i can add a link or video here..
Magix is pretty nice and highly underrated. I classify it as a company that produces lower range professional software. I screw around mostly with 'Reaper'...especially the new performance improvements with version 3.05 and after. Reaper looks wack but that is not the way to judge a software. I did my Two Tone Twins Luis Miguel 'Romance' Remix on Reaper software. The trick of course is to use a reasonable performance software (host) and quality plugins...the rest is just pure personal drive and intelligence. I love how a lot of guys go by word-of-mouth and believe everything the next guy says about these multitrack programs. Finally I just got my hands on Cakewalk's SONAR 8 producer edition. I cannot use CUBASE because it always crashes, but I can use SONAR. I am training myself on this now. It is massive indeed and one needs to adjust some of the hardware settings or it may not even detect soundcards.

- The best, TWO TONE TWINS ([email protected])