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MusicV2.com is Gone!!!!!


Freestyle.FM Dee Jays
Google Ads are great for some site and terrible for others. It was something they probably tried a while back and didn't work out for them. I did notice they had ads in their headers that last time I was on the site. I guess whatever they were making wasn't enough to keep them operational.
I really liked that site. I think part of the problem was, a lifetime membership was 30USD. That price has been the same for 6 years. No caveat for changing it, or additional cost. Hence, I think Chris priced himself out of business. I gave a couple of lifetime memberships as gifts to friends over seas, like DJ Format.


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Freestyle.FM Dee Jays
I would of paid $10.00 a month for the service. It was worth it to me. I was really taking advantage of it for my website and it has a lot of traffic. I hope something comes up similar to that but on a pay per month basis.
What if the djs went to a site called MusicV3?

I have something for them.
If anyone knows some of the djs from Musicv2
please get in touch with me
i just now found out it was gone... honestly i dont think they were giving the djs the proper service they paid for to tell the truth

contact me at


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Hey guys mĀ“remeber me ?

SE[ v ]EN from MV2 *lol*

Yepp, it's really sad about mv2, but im glad to find many of you here though :cool:

If you want a allmost good service as musicv2, try mix.dj.com

Im using it since the demize of MV2.

However, i'll never get to meet as many people and make new friends as i had on MV2, it was CRAZY, *lol*



/7an = Means seven in swedish ;)