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MySpace Mobile



I just tried logging on to my MySpace account from my iPhone and I got redirected to a page that said MySpace Mobile.

Have any of you that have tried logging in from your phones seen this and is it legit?

I was briefly tempted to try it but I began to wonder if it was some hacker's phishing attempt.

Any thoughts?
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You gotta love a man who answers his own questions.
How is your service and iphone?
Do you like it?


I don't know if it's the service or my phone's speakers but I seem to hear conversations a lot clearer with this phone than my previous one. Also, I don't think I've heard the signal get distorted like on Verizon, so I'm pretty happy with the service.

The phone itself works great. It really does do all the things it advertises and it does them well. Sure, the internet connection is slow like dial-up, especially compared to broadband. It's noticeable on graphic intensive sites but I've been able to log on to anything and get stuff done, but depending on how much stuff is on the page for the phone to download it can take either a little bit of time or forever. It doesn't have Flash so I can't see or hear music on YouTube or MySpace or things like that. That was a bummer finding out about that. The browser, which I call Safari Lite, doesn't let you copy and paste which is something I hope Apple changes soon and you can't download images, or steal them, straight from the page.

All of the applications work great. My favorite being Maps, which I use constantly. The voicemail feature is the coolest thing I've ever seen and SMS messages are organized like a chat discussion. It's really neat. No MMS however. C'mon Apple, you can do better than that. Or maybe it's AT&T fault, I don't know.

One thing I hope happens in the future is the ability to download programs written especially for iPhone like, Quicken or a lite version of it and things like that. I haven't gotten around to trying the web apps available so I can't really comment on those.

I really like this phone. It's easy to use and amazingly stable, but with any first generation device, there's always room for improvement.

I hope that helps.