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Natalie - I Want Your Love


Active Member
NATALIE - I Want Your Love

I've been hoping all the time
and thinking of how
I can make you want me
like I want you
I see lovers walking by
why can't it be
you and I together
I want your love, wanting your love
those thing I say
and my heart will never be the same
I want your love, wanting your love
and my heart will never be the same
I feel that thunder in my heart
I hear your voice
then it all
starts to move me
starts to groove me
There's been no other like you
why do I feel
the way I do
this could be love
I need your love


New Member
Wanting your love - Correction

I do not think she is saying Wanting your love, Those things I say.

I think it is, Wanting your love, calling my name. What do you think?