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Niva The Soul Diva Rises To Number 1

Urban R&B soul artist Niva the soul diva last week had the number one independent R&B song in the country, according to the leading independent music industry website "ourstage". The song "come on over" is from the Niva the soul diva CD "Rollercoaster Love". According to ourstage.com 'come on over' was the number one R&B song in the country for the week of March 13, 2011. The singer-songwriter originally from Houston Texas and now living in Brooklyn New York is touted by many sources to be one of the top R&B female independent artists in the country. The leading indie music website reverbnation has Niva the soul Diva in the top rankings in R&B music and one of the top 100 urban artists in the U.S. including both signed and independent artists.
Niva the soul diva stated "I hope this will help the powers that be in the record industry to see that I have something to offer and that people really love what I do. It was really hard getting to this point but I won't be satisfied until I finally have the backing of a major company behind me". The song 'Come on Over' by Niva the Soul Diva is available on iTunes, Amazon.com and all major download locations. Niva the soul diva went on to state "this song is perfect for quiet storm radio, it's a great song for those who like to listen to slow jams. I'm really hoping that radio will give it a chance".
Those interested can check out the Ourstage R&B charts at the following link
Fans can see the video for come on over at the following yotube to link.
[nomedia="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tftofEo-Igw"]YouTube - Niva The Soul Diva - COME ON OVER ( OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)[/nomedia]
Interested parties can contact Niva the soul diva at her Facebook page.
Fans can visit the official niva the soul diva website at the following link.