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During the summer of `87, Noel released a 12" which was arguably the single against which all future dance singles would have to be judged. It was that knock-you-to-the-floor-and-make-you-scream-for-relief killer. Unquestionably the ultimate, Latin-fired scorcher, if you will, and the best "Latino hip hop" dance mix the world has ever seen.

"Silent Morning" made the world a better place to live in. Clubs everywhere were packing wildly gyrating and sweaty bodies onto the dance floors to the killer beat, topped with Noel Pagan's pained and poignantly sexy vocals. Also in the summer of '87, Noel unleashed "Like A Child" (sort of a "Silent Morning," Take 2), putting to rest fears that he wouldn't be able to put out anything which could compete with the brilliance of his first single.

The remaining nine tracks generally follow the winning formula of his previous singles (both of which are included here). Plenty of rollicking Latin percussion, heart-rending lyrics and vocals, and a seamless production-the usual kingpins of the dance world help out (the ubiquitous "Little" Louie Vega and Jellybean Benitez).

In 1993, Noel found his musical heart in a different place and decided to experiment with "poprock." The album entitled "Hearts On Fire" continued to showcase his maturing writing ability, and proved further vocal range for the deep-voiced artist. Despite the quality of this album, it wasn't very well accepted by the general public, partly because many could not forget the great "FREESTYLE ARTIST" that he was.

So as a result, in August of 2001, Noel has teamed up with famed Trance producer, FORD, of Nebulous Records and both have released their NEW maxi single, "Will I Find True Love," as song that will truly light up the dance floors. This single contains 11 different edits, some of which include trance and freestyle versions, among others.

This HOT single features mixes by the likes of: 1.FORD 2.Collage 3.Eddie "Love" Arroya 4.Adam Marano 5.MDMA SINGLES (1987) 1. Silent Morning 2. Fire To Ice 3. To Be With You 4. Out Of Time 5. Change 6. Like A Child 7. Fallen Angel 8. City Streets 9. What I Feel For You (1990) 1. Question 2. Could U Have The Heart (1993) 1. Hearts On Fire 2. Ride 3. We'll Make It Through 4. Hey Little Pretty Please 5. Running Into The Sun 6. In Your Eyes 7. Watching Over You 8. Valentine's Day 9. Donna 10. You Stole My Heart (2001) 1. Will I Find True Love
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