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Oakland, California Rapper D.Willz Releases "Watermelon" Music Video

"Watermelon", the latest video release by Oakland, California rap artist D.Willz, was released today. The single, produced by Mark Kragen and brought to you by 2Fresh Entertainment is featured on D.Willz's "Hood Pop" mix-tape, hosted by Dj Ill Will and DJ Rockstar.

The "Watermelon" video is a worthy addition to his arsenal of humorous original clips. Never fearful of creativity in the often clich├ęd rap environment, D.Willz has forged a unique identity with his outside the box comic videos and Watermelon does not disappoint. Featuring a hard-hitting club beat and heavily oriented to the female audience, D.Willz breaks tradition with this video. Instead of naked girls or generic scenes of D.Willz rapping the lyrics, director Finley Wise uses a cast of local farmers who perform, walk, dance and carry countless watermelons throughout this video parody.

Shot entirely on location at a farm in Northern California, the video ends with a cameo appearance by D.Willz as he loads his pick up truck and heads to the coast to sell his load of watermelons.

This new video is sure to get the audience "juicy like a watermelon".

Artist: D.Willz
Song Title: Watermelon
Album: Hood Pop Hosted by Dj Ill Will and DJ Rockstar
Label: 2Fresh Entertainment
Director: Raremink

"Watermelon" Music Video: