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On His New Single James Cracker Knows... "Uncle Sam" Needs You

James Cracker calls his music "This age's new style of artistry - current, clever, commercial, yet conscious." So is this, his debut single entitled UNCLE SAM, really the "weed song" that will end the prohibition of cannabis? James Cracker thinks so.

Cracker says, "Flat out, my new single, 'Uncle Sam' (to be released March 1) is THE new weed anthem and 2011's Call For Freedom." The cocky, self-titled, young white entrepreneur, James Cracker created the track as a platform for constructive debate about reform. James Cracker is a relentlessly positive individual who sees the perfect flow of existence as an ever lasting succession of events that unfold to become the physical -- Life. Gratitude. 1Love. But Cracker adds, "In this release, I'm here to tell the powers-that-be this is the will of the people and I am calling out those who make the laws to listen and respond accordingly."

Through each "Cracker Creation" -- from every stitch of his signature ExitEightClothing Collection line --


to every chorus he writes, James endeavors to further a message of love and respect, equality and peace, by engaging the audience with thought provoking projects through entertaining artistic mediums. Cracker concludes, "I try to make each song I write speak to the masses. Uncle Sam, carries a clear message that I hope connects."

A word from the ARTIST: "I feel I'm here for this reason. I am James Cracker. I live this persona. One love. I feel a strong personal connection to this karmic trip. I have stories people enjoy interpreting. Whether it's through my poems, t-shirts, music, speech or conduct. I feel the purpose of my incarnation is to contribute positive vibes to the culture and fabric of humankind on a local and global level. In 2011, I hope to establish the charity organization, Crackers4Kids in an effort to bring nutritional awareness, tools, and nourishment to less privileged communities."

About New Etiquette Records: Zap Entertainment Group and the distribution division, New Etiquette Records was a thought developed in 2006 by Multi-Platinum producer/engineer Mike Puwal and co-producer Phil Ricciardi. It was launched in an effort to adapt to the changes in the music industry and formulated to help new artists develop their careers. By 2011, the pair had grown professionally and moved to Nashville's famous Music Row. Puwal and Ricciardi now work with the world's largest recording artists. Through their new company, the duo now also enjoy the pleasure of working with the best up-and coming new artists via their artist development company Zap Entertainment Group.

See more about Zap/New Etiquette:

Mike Puwal concludes, “After many years of experience producing the worlds’ largest artists, in 2006 we decided to take our experience to Nashville. We subsequently formed a new business model to help the best up-and-coming artists achieve their goals by not only producing great recordings, but also by guiding their careers toward the proper direction. In this ever changing music industry, by using the connections we have established over the years, we’re now able to lend our expertise to these worthy artists and bands. To date, ever since the time Phil and I teamed up, we have enjoyed great success by thinking outside the box.”

iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/uncle-sam-single/id423482981

Sample James Cracker's youtube channel: [nomedia="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZT_bfOObdJ8&feature=youtube_gdata_player"]YouTube - MAGIC HAPPENS - SOUND KITCHEN STUDIO TOUR[/nomedia]

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