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Once Again Latinos Are Banging On The Industry's Door


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Website: http://latinobeatz.com

Albuquerque, New Mexico (May, 3, 2010) For over 20 years, a movement has evolved throughout the United States and taken the rest of the world by storm. Today, this Urban Latino movement, this influence can be seen in the cultural and political fabric of America.

American Latinos have had limited success in all of American industries including music, fashion, sports, and entertainment. LatinoBeatz.com will offer a chance for the thousands of American Latinos to shine in the spotlight. We will strive to provide a national voice and platform for those American Latinos who are creating and succeeding in music, fashion, sports, movies and entertainment.

Launching on Cince De Mayo, May 5, 2010, LatinoBeatz.com will help promote musical artists, producers, record labels from different genres and regions and will later expand and promote American Latinos from other industries, with the goal of no longer waiting for Mainstream America to determine who we are and who we should see as successful. We will determine this for ourselves and raise the bar of excellence not only for Latino Entertainment but for every BARRIO, Neighborhood, and City in the United States!

For the Launch LatinBeatz has Interviews with the Godfather of Latino rap, Mellow Man Ace, The "Queen of the West", Diamonique, and two brothers who started a whole new genre of Latino Hip Hop, AKWID. All three talk about new projects and the politics of the industry and how much the internet is playing in helping the them get more exposure and fans. And there will be new videos and music from all three on the website. Along with an interview with actor Jessie Borrego, who along with Benjamin and Peter Bratt, is bringing a controversial and thought provoking movie to the Barrios of Aztlan. And this is just the beginning, in the coming weeks there will be more interviews and exclusive videos from American Latinos from Texas, New Mexico, Illinois, California, New York, colorado, Florida and yes even Arizona!

LatinoBeatz.com is also a proud member of the Latino DJ Coalition, an organization of DJ's, websites, internet radio, writers, artists and producers, who are striving to bring new American Latino talent to the masses. For more information about the Latino DJ Coalition you can visit their myspace.com/latinodjcoaliton or email them @ latinodjcoalition@gmail.com.

Artists, producers, DJ's, publicists, actors, directors, and the general public can reach out to LatinoBeatz.com and submit information about American Latinos who should be given a chance to shine by following @LatinoBeatz on twitter.com and becoming a fan of Latinobeatz on Facebook.

For More information regarding submissions, advertsing or general information about LatinoBeatz.com
Please Contact
Joshua Melendez
Synbad Ontiveros