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One-Way Text Messaging


Hey guys,

Has this ever happened to you?

I'm receiving text messages from a friend of mine, but my messages aren't being received by their phone.

Even weirder, I'm getting duplicates of their messages being sent to my phone at random times!

Now, I already tested my phone on someone else with no problems so I'm pretty sure mine works.

Can anyone explain what's going on? This is soooo weird!
Then it might be his or her phone that needs to be checked out...i work for flextronics, outsourced by vzw...most of the time i see that is when the other carrier has issues with their towers...they might need to call their customer service to see if it's a known issue with them. Hope this will help you!!:)


Mamalicious Freestyler
I have sprint its ok


I have tmobile and once in a ble moon i have a problem w someone humm who has at&t lol but other than that i have no problems with my texts and im able to text everybody from diff carriers


Well folks!

They saw me coming with my horse and lance, got their asses scared and restored their service!


Now I can be a text whore again!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you get a picture with your message you have to log on to the AT&T site and use the user name and password they give you with the message.

This is the only thing I dislike about my Iphone.