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RIAA - On The Prowl Again


Captain Casual
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RIAA Goes After Mixtapes
By Ifè Oshun

No longer satisfied with bullying 12-year olds, the RIAA has decided to go after a staple of the hip-hop community. Mixtapes.

In late September, Berry's Music, an urban record store in Indianapolis, Indiana was raided by police. The authorities confiscated all mixes produced by local DJs featuring major label artists. At press time, store owner Alan Berry had not been previously contacted by the RIAA or any record companies.

In an interview with BET.com, Berry announced his plans to combat the charges.

"Other stores that have been raided maybe didn't have the means or the financial ability to take action but we're going to our lawyers today," Berry said.

The RIAA has since accepted responsibility for the raid. Investigators and local police served management with a warrant to seize their inventory of what was considered "unauthorized product."

Russell DeBerry, a store manager who was present during the raid, felt that the RIAA's actions are an attack on the hip hop and R&B.

"I don't get it because the labels give promotional CDs to the deejays to play and the deejays make the mixes," DeBerry said. "The industry's hurting themselves they want all their artists to go gold and platinum, but the only way people are going to hear the new songs is on a mix."

The stores' owner claims only 5% of his store's inventory is composed of mixes, the rest are official released from record labels. Both Berry and DeBerry that album sales are boosted after customers hear songs on mixes.


Freestyler Xtreme
i really dont know wat the RIAA is doing....i downloading will never go away...and mixed tapes are a great tool to help people get music...in all honesty...mixed tapes...esp in hip hop...SUK...they speak all over the damn thing...so if i like a few songs...i get the artist's album....

the RIAA needs to calm down and give it up....there is no point...they cant win...


Freestyler Xtreme
if anything they need to go after cimpanies who make cd burners, tape recorders, and etc..... theyre going after teh wrong people...