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Daring. Uncomfortable. Erotic and insanely unique….for a love story. I placed 5's for those who can handle the subject, and it is only "date worthy" if your date is on the same page as you are.

This movie is six years old…yet it is one that truly captured my attention. I haven’t been glued to a TV screen since Cruel Intentions in 1999. James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal were perfectly..strange in this movie.

I was told that I would despise this movie, being a feminist and all. But I guess he never knew that I’m not the kind of “feminist” that spats on women who enjoy creative sex n foreplay…no matter what form or shape it comes in. In this case, not much sexual intercourse takes place. But you might witness moments of spanking. You see---before she became a secretary she was a cutter who spent a lot of time in a mental hospital. You’ll begin to see why once you learn her family is completely and sadly dysfunctional. Her boss, well…he learns to enjoy her awkwardness and shyness and soon MAKES her stop cutting herself. He commands it. And she stops. And he begins to love how submissive she is to him and uses that for both of their enjoyment which later grows into something he is so afraid of...and something that she longs to have. Her stubborness gets her quite far--and no matter how angry you get while watching this film...you can't help but think they were meant for each other...(I certainly was not angry---but deeply intrigued)

Every little thing is important. The red markers, the flowers, the sign that says “secretary wanted,” the little girlish box, everything…so pay close attention because little things like that makes this a work of art.

Also...Try to be open-minded…and if you’re not the type to see a woman enjoy being spanked and told what to do by a man…then please; don’t watch this film.

This happens to be based on a short-story called "bad behavior"...imma check it out soon. <!-- google_ad_section_end -->
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ive seen it... twice lol... i enjoyed it, the first time i was thinking omg omg omg, and the second time i was enjoyin it even more.... as a matter of fact i think i saw it the first time with girlfriends and the second time with a guy hhmmm ;)
I've seen it with three men, and one girl, and twice alone. :rotf: All innocently, of course. Minus when I saw it the first time with my man. The first time watching this movie was a lovely experience. :p

This is one of my favorites of all time.


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Looking at the poster, I can't believe I haven't seen it. Looks like I have something to add to my list. Thanks


I bought this movie the year it was released on DVD and it sat there for years unopened.

I recently gave it a spin on the good ol' DVD Player.

I'm truly glad that I did.
Its as excellent as it is sexy.

It shows you that if you find the right partner. The one that enjoys the same exact things that you do, it makes for a wild relationship.
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