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Sex and the City 2008

Hellooo Lover(s).
This review is not only for you, but also for those who reviewed this movie yet has never watched a single episode when it was airing on TV. Actually, it’s STILL airing on TV..so when rating this movie and giving it a THREE, I would expect to see that they have all watched more than 21 episodes, and that they have been desperately dissapointed at Michael Patrick King’s production. Many of the most memorable episodes of Sex and the City were produced and written by him---so I find dissapointment in the movie to be unlikely.
So for someone who has watched each season, all six, more than 7 times…I would have to say this movie gave us exactly what we, the fans, wanted. All except the role they gave Jennifer Hudson. She had crappy and indifferent lines, but overall, she was needed in order for Carrie to grow as a person going through tragic things in her life. Many people are saying that the girls did not touch upon new themes, that this was just five episodes in 2 hours and 15 minutes. Well, what did they expect? Carrie to talk about commiting suicide?
The show had been about Carrie and the girl’s SEARCH for love. Heartbreaks, a whole lotta sex, fashion, and the intimate friendship between Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha. And this movie was about filling in the gaps about their relationships, their messes, and close-knit family amongst eachother. You will also see a lot of high-fashion dresses and shoes and suits…but really…they can’t wear what they were wearing 10 years ago…so why not go all out?
It cleverly started with our favorite theme song, and wiped it out and gave us something new; a little Fergie. It was a fresh beginning. It continued with an intro, so that those who never watched the show could (sorta) be cought up on the characters.
There were so many strengths to this movie, and a lot of it had to do with <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com
</st1:City>Charlotte</ST1:p’s unbelievable acting. You will see <st1:City w:st="on"><ST1:pCharlotte </ST1:p</st1:City>act in ways that you would never have seen on the show. She was fantastic. There will be a few shocking moments that involve all four girls. You will cry, you will be frozen and not say a single word, you will be PISSED off, and most importanly, you will laugh and you will remember past episodes that you’ve loved dearly. You will remember why you loved Samantha for her sex-drive and sassiness, you will see our favorite cynic, Miranda, go through something we wished she wouldn’t, you will see Carrie completely devestated...and you would see happiness like no other. There were indirects, there were recycled FABULOUS lines, and there were our favorite men that gave a certain something DIFFERENT to the movie.

You’re either gonna hate the men…or love them no matter what.
It’s not always about the girls…you’ll learn that.
But overall, I loved loved LOVED this movie.
Drag your man along with you to see it!!! The humor will win them over.
I don’t know a single man who doesn’t love these girls.
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First of all.
If you are casual fan of the show (You know! The ones that watch the edited version on TBS, every other Friday!) or never truly watched the series at all, please!
Shut the f*up already with the negative reviews.

The movie stayed true to the series.
It was fun, sexy and you really got into the characters.
When Carrie felt! The audience felt.
You are invested in the movie for 2:34!
They suck you in and never let go.

Though this was just 5 episodes made into a movie all I can write is that I enjoyes every minute of it.

Theres a scary part were Charlotte looses it.
It was pretty powerful.

Then theres a part were Charlotte makes you laugh so hard you pee you pants. What a great job!


There is also a well known Freestyle Artist in the movie.
She is the one in the bathroom scene in New York with the girls.

Guess who she is!?
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Well look at the big brain on Braaaad!
-Samuel Jackson
Pulp Fiction


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I'm taking my wife to go see this movie. I owe her for all the movies that I drag her to--Transformers--Miami Vice--, actually she wanted to see the first movie with me, but she says I still owe her for the latter. Now that we got a kid, we don't go out and see movies the way we used to, but I still will fill my debt to her.

2008 hasn't given me anything I want to see yet. There is a new DeNiro and Pacchino movie coming out this summer that looks good and we both want to see The Happening later this month.

2009 will give me the Fast and Furious which should have been the original sequel to the first movie. I guess I will owe her another movie.