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Show notes!!!


New Member
hey there everybody i just wanted to let you all know once again that i wont be able to do a show for this week so what iam going to do is play one of my older show that i did when i first started here on freestyle.fm this show was the number 3 show that i did right here on freestyle.fm. this is is one of my favorite's and also for the part of my show called dj's from around the world but during this show it was called dj from acrosse the nation but later changed. but anyways the dj that is in this show is dj filth and this is a mix that you do not want to miss. if you want more info on dj filth just go to www.djfilth.com... and now just a reminder that my first show for www.dancedecade.com is going to be on aug19th at 5pm-7pm central,3pm-5pm west coast and 6pm-8pm on the east coast. my show is going to be the same format as it has been but for my first show on the last hour of it called DJ'S FROM AROUND THE WORLD, the featured dj is going to be yours truly ME!! yeah that right you are going to be hearing a one hour mix made by me so make sure that you all tune in and tell all your friends. you all have been asking for it so why not do it right on my first show on aug19th on dance decade radio at www.dancedecade.com. its going to be a kick ass mix and i hope you all really enjoy it.. also this weeks show is going to be up for download after the show is done in my forum page and in my facebook page. i would like to take this time to thank Tear em up terry for telling me about this site and also a big thanks go to ted and Raf for letting me play my crazy songs on there site. and once again a big thanks to all of you out there in the Freestyle.fm Community for your love for my shows.. so with all that said i will see you all on the other side at www.dancedecade.com and intell next time be good be safe and dont do anything that i wouldn't do and keep the music ALIVE!!!

Carl Miller
www.facebook.com (do a search for carl miller) its this helps i'm from Racine,Wisconsin