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Sonicbids Partners With Headliner.fm To Help Artists Make Connections

Sonicbids, the leading matchmaking site for bands and music promoters, today announces a partnership with Headliner.fm, the largest real-time social media and viral marketing solution on the web, to launch a new application for artists to reach new fans. With the Headliner.fm app, artists can reach millions of new fans by trading recommendations with like-minded artists and promoting to their fanbases through artist-endorsed status updates on social networking sites and mobile devices.

"Headliner.fm reaches 123 million social media fans on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and mobile devices, empowering artists to reach and engage new fans in an affordable, targeted and authentic way," said Sonicbids Founder and CEO Panos Panay. "This partnership echoes our mission to help artists cultivate relationships with other artists and reach new fans. We’re excited to bring the Headliner.fm app to Sonicbids members and help bands not only get gigs but also interact with their fans in a meaningful way."

As part of this partnership, Sonicbids artists will have access to the Headliner.fm app to promote everything from new music, videos, tours and contests to helping artists engage with fans and expand their social media fanbases. Artists can create custom promotional messages and service them to other artists in their genre. Each time an artist recommends another artist to their fans, they earn Band Bucks, which can be used to send out their own promotions to reach new fans: one Band Buck equals reach to one new fan.

"Headliner.fm helps solve the universal challenge that all artists face on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and mobile devices - reaching and engaging new fans.
This is not an easy problem to solve," said Mike More, CEO Headliner.fm. "We had to come up with a solution that was cost-effective and that artists would get behind. We thought about this challenge for a long time and thought that the best way for artists to reach new fans on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and mobile devices was to have similar artists recommend and endorse them. Getting these endorsements provides artists of any size the chance to reach enough new fans to move the needle. Now, we’re taking this a step further by partnering with Sonicbids. Making the process of booking and promoting shows easy and simple for artists is a common mission both Headliner and Sonicbids share. Our goal is to help artists by providing them with a powerful, easy-to-use, one-stop solution so they can spend less time managing their career and more time making great music."

To get started, artists log into their Sonicbids account and click on the Headliner.fm app in the Featured Apps section of their homepage. If you don’t have a Sonicbids account, sign up for a 14-day free trial membership here.

About Headliner.fm
Headliner.fm has grown to become the largest real-time social media and viral marketing solution on the web, with over 30,000 registered artists combined reaching over 123 million social media fans on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace - 5 million daily. It offers a free to low cost way for artists to reach new fans, authentically endorsing one another on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and on mobile. Headliner.fm's service is unique. Many sites offer bands opportunities to upload their content and ask their fans to share with friends, but only Headliner offers artists the ability to reach the fans of thousands of other bands through real-time social media recommendations. Whether your band is a platinum-selling major label artist or an indie artist just getting started, Headliner.fm can help you reach more new fans than ever before. Promote your music with http://headliner.fm/

About Sonicbids
Sonicbids is the leading matchmaking site for bands and music promoters. Our community includes more than 280,000 bands and 24,000 promoters and licensors from all around the world. With festivals, clubs, colleges, music licensing and much more, Sonicbids offers a diverse range of gigs for every kind of musician. In fact, last year alone, more than 71,000 gigs were booked on the site. The company was founded in 2001 by Panos Panay and continues to focus on its core mission of empowering the artistic middle class. Get a gig or book a band at http://www.sonicbids.com