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Sony's Acid Community Destroys And Reconstructs Latin Reggae Band


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The worldwide group of musicians and re-mixers who use Sony's Acid music creation software were given a chance to rework a song by Miami's Latin Reggae band Araka in a contest sponsored by Sony's "Acid Planet" website. What started as an up-tempo Reggae song with Latin percussion was reshaped in a myriad of styles, from House to Drum and Bass, Dubstep and Ambient to Jazzy Jungle. In the end, from the hundreds of entries, Swiss re-mixer Yumenomado took the crown with a dreamy Drum and Bass version.

Araka producer Aaron Fishbein said "We'd been putting together some remixes already when the call came from Sony so the timing was amazing. The reaction from the Acid community was really cool too, I loved hearing the different versions every day and seeing their reactions on the forum boards. Hooking up with Yumenomado was a bonus. He's super talented and we will be releasing his version alongside some better known remixers."

The word "Araka" is Spanish slang for "watch out!" This is a fitting name for this group of talented musicians that are blazing Florida stages with their mash-up of reggae, ska, and Latin grooves. The members share a love for Reggae music but also bring their different musical cultures to the table. The members hail from Peru, Cuba, Argentina and the United States. Aaron Fishbein has been working in the upper strata of the music industry for the last ten years as a producer, session musician, and writer, working with artists such as Beyonce', Chistina Aguilera, The Notorious BIG, Quincy Jones, and Miami's Afrobeta.

Mp3: [media]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/13775206/Ardiente%20Oscuridad%20%28Yumenomado%29%201.mp3[/media]