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Tasha Taylor's "Merry Christmas Baby" Released To Radio

The youngest daughter of R&B Pioneer Johnnie Taylor, is offering her sultry, Christmas original, "Merry Christmas Baby" in advance of the release of her CD, TAYLORMADE, scheduled for release early next year. An accompanying "Merry Christmas Baby" video is now available for viewing at TashaTaylor.com and at YouTube.

"TAYLORMADE is filled with remembrances, and sometimes more about how I feel about my mother's and father's feelings and relationship than about myself," Tasha elaborates. "'Merry Christmas Baby' is one of those songs on the album that has taken on a life of its own and now is really more evocative of my parents than about me."

Tasha's music is infused with the spirit of her legendary father and TAYLORMADE includes a funky duet by "Taylor and Taylor"—daughter and father—reprising Johnnie's first million-selling Stax Records' hit, "Who's Making Love." Tasha has just been tagged as a New! Artist to Watch by Clear Channel and "Wonder Woman" as a Blues Breaker on House of Blues Radio with Elwood Blues.

Tasha executive produced the album this summer at Noisy Neighbors Studio in Los Angeles with Stuart Benjamin, Rob Arbittier and Gary Adante producing. Award-winning bassist Nathan Watts was musical director of the impeccable tracks which feature Tasha Taylor on lead and background vocals, guitars and keys; Kerry Griffin on drums; Kyle Bolden and Jon Taylor on guitar, Rahn Coleman, Roman Johnson, Rob Arbittier and Mike Finnigan on keys, Kevin Ricard on percussion; and Joey Berkley, Zane Musa, Stephan Baxter, Nolan Shaheed, Brian Pareschi and Gerard Carelli on horns.

Website: http://www.tashataylor.com
Music: http://www.tashataylor.com/assets/audio/Merry_Christmas_Baby.wma