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Terminator Salvation has been getting alot of negative reviews in the press.

This is probrably the reason why it will not be number one this week at the box office.

After watching it with my brothers I must write that the reviews are totally inapropriate and at times unjust.

Everything about Terminator Salvation is solid.
Action is good. Story is good; Characters are very good.

Unlike X Men Origins: Wolverine the special effects are on point and at one particular point in the movie not only will you agree ("SPECIAL GUEST"), but you will jump out of your seat with excitement.

The two new main characters are well developed.
Christian Bale as John Connor makes you care about his cause and fight for the future.

There are many new unique "TERMINATORS" that borrow from Transformers (only they move a little better on screen) Robotech and even Battlestar Galactica. Which makes it triple fun for us.

As stated before, Terminator Salvation is also solid in the action department.

There are no dull moments and it is well worth your money.

(Can you believe Night at the Museum 2 is going to be number one this week?)
i thought it was awesome! the CGI was great. the story was great. it was really good. you see the humans going to skynet work camps. how the machines infiltrate the humans to learn their behavior. it really depicted life after judgment day