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The Best Movie of the Summer is.....


not the movie with the pirate, oger or man spider; Its "Knocked Up"!

Not only is this the funniest movie of the summer, but its very well written.

The cast is fabulous with their witty dialogue and then you find yourself loving every character.

The movie was very realistic and not corny in any way.
You feel for the characters in all of the drama and laugh out loud to the point where you almost "go" on yourself.

This is a definate date movie which I will not ruin with spoilers.

I can't wait to own this movie on HD DVD.
Its that damn good.

There are cameos but the one with Ryan Secrest stands out as the funniest.

Again. No spoilers. Go watch it. Its awesome.

It's friggen hilarious. Finally, I've left a movie theatre telling myself it was worth the cost...even more so when you realize you and your date are equally entertained and loving it. I was pissed off earlier that day and the moment it started...the reasons for why I was pissed slipped my mind. dammit!

I give it all 10's as well. It's real - and its quite different. It isn't your average love story with two pretty people searching for love. It's the real deal (and I shall say no more).
Good review Jose & Crys... I agree.

"What do you think? He's funny right? I think he'd make a good dad."

"Go get the ball! Now bring it back."

"He's playing fetch. He's talking to my kids like they're dogs."

"No he's not..."

"Go git it!"

It's hysterical. I thought "40-Year-Old Virgin" should have won the Best Screenplay Oscar, and it didn't even get nominated. "Knocked Up" is even better, and Judd Apartow is finally getting the recognition he deserves.

It's about an immature slob who gets a classy, sensitive E! newscaster pregnant. He has zero social skills, no money, no job prospects, and no clue what kind of support a woman in her situation might need. Both characters are sympathetic because they really do try to do the honorable thing, although they're seemingly incapable and incompatible.

The Vegas scenes were my favorite! :crazy:
I saw this movie for the second time with a few friends....and didn't even realize the movie was 2 hrs long...the entire theatre was crackin up. I'm just glad they enjoyed it, cause I had the worse effin seat ever...LOL