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The Elite Squad

The Elite Squad is about a captain in a special forces operation that takes on the druglords in Rio's favelas. He's corrupt, kind of like Matt Dillon's character in Crash. His wife is pregnant, and he wants to get out of his stressful, dangerous job, and have a new recruit replace him. But first the recruit must become hardened and corrupt too (like Ryan Phillipe in Crash.) The recruit is studying law; he is at odds with his fellow students, middle class cariocas who do drugs bought directly from the violent slums. The three worlds collide in an all out war at the end.

The story is brilliantly written and directed, with memorable characters and vivid scenes that take you deep into the terrifying labyrinth-like favelas.

The Elite Squad (with English subtitles) just played a sold out run at the Tribeca Film Festival, and should be in theaters soon.

Tropa de Elite is available on import DVD, but no English subtitles.. just Portuguese or Spanish.

If you liked City of God and Crash, you'll definitely like The Elite Squad!
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