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The Sentinel


Do you watch 24?!

If the answer is yes!...Then you don't need to watch The Sentinel.
Theres more Drama, Action, Suspence and Suprises in one episode of 24 than there is if they made The Sentinel a trilogy.

Keifer Sutherland's character could of been played by anyone. You wonder why he and Eva Langoria were even in this movie.
Though in the preview its disguised as a Sutherland/Langoria movie you soon realize that this is a Michael Douglas film.

The plot is typical. The story is predictable. You know who the bad guys and traitors are as soon as you seen them.

At times the actors do a horrible job in their scenes especially this particular one with Kim Basinger where she shakes her hands like she scared and looks like a crack head.

Overall. This movie is a bad episode of 24 and Desperate Housewives mixed together to make a simply boring and irritable movie. The best part is when they hand Michael Douglas character Depends at the end of the movie.

Seriously!!! They actually do!