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The Show – Quiet Before the Storm


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The Show – Quiet Before the Storm

Streamed live 23 hours ago
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SarcasmDetector: https://www.youtube.com/user/lowlifecat
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What is “The SHOW”? What role does The SHOW play in STO? What other podcasts are out there?


Discuss? The direction of the game and overall feel.



Star Trek Online: Foundry Mission "Sword of the Kuvah'Magh" playthrough!!


Timberwolf requests suggestions submitted from the community for Foundry missions to review. This will help kick start the Foundry challenge Allen and I are doing early this year.

Fresh Out Of Spacedock Episode 4 - Manticore Class Heavy Destroyer


Neverwinter gets so much love :(

Neverwinter Dev Q&A



Tholian/Terran Lock box discussion with 3 new ships

Tholian Tarantula (T6) (Lockbox), Tholian Mesh Weaver (T5-U)(Lockbox), and Temporal Dreadnought (T6)(Lobi)

Krenim science ship T6


Patch Notes -


Teacher’s Corner - Feedback Pulse -


Space Weapon, Combat, & Game Mechanics

The Defiant 3pc bonus is here to include Quad Cannons!
Demonstrates the ability to add other items to a set bonus. Will shortcomings like the lack of items for a KDF set bonus be retroactively made? Will this be done for any future set bonuses where one faction is lacking? Also, what’s this I hear about the B’rotlh costume not working on the Kor?

Also, concerning cannon and torpedo flight speed mechanics, a suggestion was made on [this thread on the Arc forums](http://www.arcgames.com/en/forums/sta...) that may offer a workable solution to this extremely outdated mechanic.


A special note on this day...
71 year anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz

This Week in Trek -

Trek Fiction - January 29, - In 2003, George W. Bush gives his State of the Union Address. (ENT: "Future Tense") http://memory-alpha.wikia.com/wiki/Ja...

January 26, 1979 - Filming wraps on Star Trek - The Motion Picture

Anniversary of Apollo 1 accident - January 27, 1967

Anniversary of the Space Shuttle Challenger accident - Jan 28, 1986


Model building: USS Defiant:


Sci-Tech and Space

Atmospheric Condensers - Old and New Tech:

If we can solve the power issue, these can be scaled up to industrial sizes.

Largest planetary system discovered to date. Gas giant ~ 1T km away from its parent star.

Compare to the largest known star UY Scuti ~1.7K Solar Radii (1 SR = ~695,700 km) = 1,182,690,000 km or 1.183B km