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"The Wasteland" Is Being Distributed For Free And Paid Play...

The fourth installment from Sekrett Scilensce's "The Rapman's Attire" titled "The Wasteland" is being distributed for free and paid play.

The free version of the title will be received as a 96kbps MP3 (internet radio/podcast quality) contained in a .ZIP archive, immediately downloadable when a listener enters their name and email details (reported to contain no gimmicks or sales traps) at its dedicated webpage.

The paid version is currently bundled with the song "Control" and is available as a 256kbps MP3 (CD quality) download.

To claim your copy, please visit:


"Being great and having something to say means a lot to me," Sekrett Scilensce explained. "There is always a counter point for and from any sources speaking with veracity, so I feel that the title [The Wasteland] is wise."

"If the Chinese move ahead with their plans to ditch the U.S. dollar then we'll see inflation akin to what occurred in the Weimar Republic," He Continued. "And in the case of the USA, you'll have greedy bankers and taxmen that'll still want their entitlements. The living standard will decrease dramatically and all valuations will be lost."

"All optimism intact, such a future could be considered a wasteland, no?" He concluded, adding, "There is now a [Music Dish China], so we're hopeful that these words and their context remain as initially stated {he smiled}."

1. Sekrett Scilensce (Secret Silence), January XXV, MMXI

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